The Wordsmith • The Lioness
Bringing 'babylon style' to your eyes and ears in a multifaceted array of expression and beauty.

YVE GOLD has immersed herself in a world of melody and performance since 2010.
A Lioness – a woman that is fiercely determined to achieve. Her lust for life, her desire for constant growth and relishing of challenges make her a woman with no boundaries. She is not deterred by hard work, inspired by the possibility of achieving her highest potential.

Music offers a form of connection;
feel it, let it consume you.

“Babylon style is more than just vocal and instrumental sounds combined in such a way as to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion; it’s a way of life. One part chiq flow and infinite parts realness, confidently packaged into the neo hip hop stylings of #1 Babylon babe Yvé Gold. Close your eyes and let those words paint a thousand pictures. Now open them, you’ve got werq to do.”

-Triple J Unearthed


Close your eyes and let those
words paint a thousand pictures.


Music is her form of expression; let it consume you.


Tumblr thoughts from Yve.
Yve Gold


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